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¡¤ Spiral plate heat exchanger
¡¤ Condenser tube
¡¤ Plate heat exchanger
¡¤ Radiator
¡¤ Electric heating, steam heating stainless steel Fan Yingguo
¡¤ Outer coil Fan Yingguo
¡¤ Rolling sheet machine cutting scraper
¡¤ Junction piece machine dryer
¡¤ Vacuum rake dryer
¡¤ Alcohol recovery tower
¡¤ New, highly efficient stainless steel structured packing
¡¤ New Efficient random packing pall ring
¡¤ Unsaturated polyester resin equipment
¡¤ High-performance thin-film evaporator
¡¤ Fermenter
¡¤ Seed jar
¡¤ Stainless Steel Aluminum Tank Car
¡¤ Stainless Steel Tank
¡¤ LG Series Centrifugal scraper film evaporator
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¡¡¡¡Is a cold medium for cooling or heating the air heat exchanger unit in the main equipment, which leads to high-temperature water, steam or high temperature heat-conducting oil may be heated air, which leads to salt water or cold water can cool the air, so it can be widely used in light - engineering, construction, chemical industry, machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, electronics, food, medicine, metallurgy, coating and other industries in the hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, condensing, dehumidification, drying and other projects. Our service purpose: product quality, the superior in competition, sales and service was sincere, the contract trade to the letter when the wing.
Radiator 1 ~ 300m2
£¨Also known as air heat exchanger or radiator pipe£©

SRL-type radiator basic parameters of the table¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡SRZ model radiator Parameter Table

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